Who's "ME"?

Le mie foto
Romano di Lombardia, Bergamo, Italy
Hi,everybody!I'm ADINA,I'm 28,I'm originally from Romania,but I'm living in Italy for 5 years now.I'm lucky to have a very nice job-hairdresser-'cause fashion and everything about it always fascinated me.Otherwise,I'm just a girl who loves to socialize with people around the world.This is my first blog,so please have patience with me...I,also,apologise for my english which is pretty poorly...hopefully,with time,will improve...I'll try to find interesting and useful themes to talk to you,'cause I really hope this will not be just a monologue.Feel free to leave any comments,will always be apreciated and constructive.Thanks for reading this,hope you'll enjoy it!! :-)



BLONDE AMBITIONS vs HOT CHOCOLATE!!What's your favorite?